Nashville Humane Association

The Nashville Humane Association was a client for redpeppers
CreateAthon. I was lucky to be part of a wonderful team
and grateful to work for such a great non-profit.

For this project we were tasked with giving the spay & neuter program
a new message & identity that still fit with the original branding.
We ended up with an even larger 'umbrella' concept for all of NHA.
Super Pets. So much more than just a pet.



I created the super heros based off of the original logo characters
and added two more to have a community of super heros!

I art directed Caitlyn Marsh with the creation of Chai the chihuahua
and the two social media share cards below.



We created many assets for the non-profit such as the posters, a brochure,
yard signs, window clings, coloring book pages, and a brand new website.
The super pet collateral brings meaningful messaging to those who may be
unaware of what spaying & neutering your pet can help them become:
Healthier, Happier, and a hero to other animals in the community.


Cling, coloring pages, & yard sign created by Brooke Dainty.