iTrip Admin Portal

iTrip Vacations is a property rental and
management company. My team and I were tasked with
redesigning their admin portal. We solved some of the
major pain points for their users from a UX standpoint
and delivered a brand new look for their main
dashboard and supporting pages.


One of our major updates was adding a sidebar navigation.
Before there were 2 navigations that were stacked
on each other and changed from page to page.
We simplified the experience and added the
ability to drop down when needed.


Screens 2Screens 2
Screens 3Screens 3

Instead of 6 or so small graphs next
to each other, on the dashboard, we decided to give
them breathing room and be easily read while using
the brands extended color pallette we created.


Screens 4Screens 4

We also created a color key for the different types of
booking types and a much-needed search and filter section.

Screens 5Screens 5