Decibel Branding & Mascot Design

Here is the branding currently in use.

I developed the mascot, photo treatment, patterns, icons and 
illustrations around the original logo for Decibel.

Meet (Deci) Bello!
Yes, I even got to name him.

Decibel - Final BELLO-03Decibel - Final BELLO-03

I created a full icon set that could be
easily added to. The icons were used throughout
digital platforms and print pieces.


Decibel - Final ICONS-03-03Decibel - Final ICONS-03-03
Decibel_Feature Image3Decibel_Feature Image3
Asset 70@x-2-03Asset 70@x-2-03

I created multiple versions of the shape motifs that could be used for all
collateral and digital assets. These motifs symbolize the customer's journey.

They are meant to feel custom to the person and some are visuals of
the journey after Decibel helps. (the more linear version above)

The highlighted shapes are touchpoints that can be tracked
and the dot is the person on that customer journey.


Decibel - Final SHAPES-07Decibel - Final SHAPES-07
Decibel - Final GRADIENTS-01Decibel - Final GRADIENTS-01

In addition to Bello I also developed an illustration style 
that would work well alongside him and the icons.

_Decibel - Final ILLUSTRATION_Updated-03_Decibel - Final ILLUSTRATION_Updated-03