Shapeshifter is a box set vinyl compilation.
The tracks are inspired by the sounds of Africa
and drove the overall aesthetic of the piece.
“The masks are still dancing” is the tagline to connect
the viewer to the aspect of tribal dance.

Ily & Indigo-29editwebIly & Indigo-29editweb
Ily & Indigo-51editwebIly & Indigo-51editweb
Ily & Indigo-40editwebIly & Indigo-40editweb

Most elements were screen-printed in order to keep the 
human element in the work. It was also fitting for the material used.
The USB contains stickers of the masks used throughout the piece.

Ily & Indigo-35editedwebIly & Indigo-35editedweb
Ily & Indigo-25editwebIly & Indigo-25editweb

Vanghoma was a created record label for the project. The name came
from a song, but no meaning was easily found so one was given to it;
to venture home. A home page for the site was designed
to give substance to the imaginary Label.


Romare – I Wanna Go (turn Back)
Cos Ber Zam – Ne Noya (Daphni Mix)
Four Tet – The Track I’ve Been Playing That People Keep Asking About And That Joy Used In His RA Mix And Daphni Played On Boiler Room.
Aunti Flo – Highlife
Midland – Checkbob

Mango Boy – Live and Let Live?
DJ Twitch – Olaiya
Africa Hitech – Out In The Streets
Kuar – Emmanuel Jal (Henrik Schwarz Remix)
Daphni – Pairs
Township Funk – DJ Mujava
Addison Groove – Dance of the Women